Chapter 13- Girls, Girls , Girls

09-09-17_3-41-41 PM
Matthew and Anabel relaxed in the hot-tub after a hard day at school.
09-09-17_3-41-53 PM.png
Annabel played dolls
09-09-17_3-42-11 PM
She also did her homework in the toddlers room so she could do it in peace.
09-09-17_3-44-38 PM
I went out to socialise leaving Matthew in charge.
09-09-17_3-50-06 PM
I met up with my 12th Baby Daddy Jacoby Legung.
09-09-17_3-53-07 PM
Whilst the children were at school, I tried for my next baby with him.
09-09-17_3-54-29 PM
I spoke to Annabel.
09-09-17_4-50-39 PM
I painted
09-09-17_3-55-07 PM
I repaired the toilet
09-09-17_4-00-27 PM
Little Alice became a toddler and is going to be a fun one
09-09-17_4-05-48 PM09-09-17_4-05-58 PM
She loves the tunnels and running around with no clothes on
09-09-17_4-14-55 PM09-09-17_4-17-02 PM
More Birthdays, Matthew became a Young Adult and Moved out. Annabel is now a Teenager.
09-09-17_4-53-11 PM
I was potty training Alice when the baby decided to kick.
09-09-17_4-53-33 PM
I read Alice a bedtime story.
09-09-17_4-53-59 PM
Annabel cleaned.
09-09-17_4-54-50 PM
Bernard played blocks.
09-09-17_4-57-48 PM
Annabel shows off
09-09-17_5-00-01 PM
I had to repair the stove.
09-09-17_5-08-57 PMTS4_x64 2017-09-09 17-09-19-73
I went into labour and my 14th Child was born, Meet Jessica

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Hello everybody and welcome to my blog, My names Samantha but everybody calls me sam and I work with kids and in my spare time I enjoy playing Sims and reading. I love playing with sims and doing challenges, I have quite a lot.

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