Chapter 4- Birthdays

Alice was soon pregnant with her 3rd child.

Beatrice and Bernard are very close always babbling away

Jack and Alice finally had enough money to paint the walls and place some flooring.

Alice made some dinner

Jack went jogging

He spent time with his daughter

Alice made some lunch

Jack bathed his son

He repaired the sink

Alice has achieved three stages of her aspiration

Jack got promoted

Beatrice hugged the bear

she mastered the communication skill

Alice did some painting

Beatrice is now a child. She gained the happy toddler trait. She is also a glutton.

Alice gives birth to her 2nd son Benny.

Beatrice does some cleaning.

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Hello everybody, and welcome to my blog, My name Samantha. I work with kids, and in my spare time, I enjoy playing Sims and reading. I love playing with sims and doing challenges. I have quite a lot.

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