Chapter 3- A House

They finally had enough money to build a room around the kitchen appliances but not before the rain broke them so Alice repaired them so she could make food.

Beatrice is a good toddler who mostly uses the potty instead of her nappy

she does love bath time as she can get daddy wet too

Soon their 2nd child was born, Bernard.

Beatrice enjoys playing with blocks

she still loves the dolls house

Jack repaired the sink

Alice and Jack work on their skills

we finally have walls and a roof

Bernard is now a toddler, a charmer one

he enjoys playing with blocks too

Jack is a doting hands on dad

Bernard really loves the blocks

Jack did some working out

Chapter 2- Curiousty

Jack was soon promoted

Alice was soon pregnant

Jack got promoted

Beatrice was born.

Baby 2 was made

Alice and Jack celebrated love day with some romance

Alice repaired the toilet

Beatrice became an independent toddler.

she enjoys playing at the dolls house with her dad

she uses the potty

she enjoys making messes

she also loves to chatter away

Chapter 1- The Start

Hello and Welcome, Yes I am starting a new challenge, seeing as I am stuck at home for who know how long. I decided to start a baby boom challenge. These are my Baby Boom Couple Alice and Jack. Alice is Family Oriented, Creative and a foodie. She wants to be an Painter extraordinaire. Jack is active, bro and loves outdoors. He wants to be a bodybuilder.

This is the home they will be starting out with

Alice enjoys doing some painting

She also starts cooking some breakfast

But with no cooking skill, that doesn’t end well. After the fire is out, she makes a salad instead.

Jack and Alice try for their first baby.

Jack does some exersize

Alice cleans the toilet

Jack works on his Charisma

Alice views some paintings

Chapter 103- Completed

Finally Only 2 toddlers in the house

Talon did some cooking

Skye used the monkey bars

Talon become a Young Adult and moved out. Luckily the oldest twins are now teens so can help out

Clarissa loves the swing

Mercedes and Martha are now children

Moon decided to pass out right near her bed

Mercedes and Martha enjoy swimming

Soon Skye and Moon were young adults, they moved out.

Meet Forest, Felicia’s next baby daddy

The girls needed advice

Mercedes and Clarissa play chess whilst Candice dances

Clarissa also enjoys playing the Violin

Soon the final children of the challenge was born. Meet Babies 99 and 100 Odin and Heidi. All children are on the gallery as Young Adults under my profile stargirl18.

Chapter 102- Outnumbered by girls

Soon Felicia had her 2nd set of twins and they both got their daddies skin, Meet Babies 95 and 96 Candice and Clarissa were born.

Felicia invited her next baby daddy over whilst the four girls were sleeping and Talon was at school. Meet Ionathe.

Felicia spends a lot of time doing repairs

The girls had their birthdays. Clarissa and Candice are identical so got different hairstyles and clothes

More repairs

Skye did some science

Moon pretended to be a nurse

Soon Felicia went into labour and had more girls, Meet Babies 97 and 98 Mercedes and Martha, only 2 to go.

Clarissa played at the blocks table

Martha decided to make a mess, 4 toddlers are lots of fun

Mercedes and Marta prefer to nap on cushions.

Chapter 101- Programmer

Felicia started working on having babies right away and Coral Winters was her first daddy.

Felicia decided to become a freelance programmer

she got a gig right away and started encrypting some documents

Talon set himself on fire doing laundry, luckily Gaia was around to put her youngest out.

Felicia forgot to take pics of her newest arrivals but here is Baby daddy number 2 Indigo

Gaia died of old age

Meet Babies 93 and 94 Skye and Moon, only 6 babies to go

Moon loves to play in the ball pit

Skye likes to cause mischief

repairs were needed

Talon enjoys chatting to the unicorn

Talon became a teenager.

Chapter 100- Growing up

Birthday time


Gaia became an elder

Talon is now a child

Gaia reviewed a musical performance

Gaia went to geek con

Birthday time

Gaia enjoys playing in the rain

Promotion time

Felicia repaired the stereo

Felicia and Gaia spoke about the future

Cannon and Felicia became Young Adults, Cannon moved out and Felicia will be staying to finish the challenge.