Chapter 93- Advice, Advice, Advice

Ruth loves to chatter away to the bear

Advice was needed

Playing dolls together

Dealing with children making a mess

Teenage problems

Jabez and Jago become Young Adults and moved out. Jabez no longer eats meat and Jago loves to create art.

Soon afterwards the twins were born, Meet babies 77 and 78 Imani and Vaughn, only 22 babies left.

With space in the home, it was time for more baby making, Meet Kyler Webb

Ruth had her birthday and now gets angry easily

She loves making music

The twins were soon toddlers and total opposites

Advice time

Chapter 92- Good, Some Girls

Soon Gaia went into labour and had twin girls, Meet Babies 74 and 75 Chana and Colette, only 25 babies to go.

Gaia went to make her next baby, meet Slylas Brewer

Jago enjoyed pretending to be an Astronault.

He also had fun on the water slide

The twins were soon adorable toddlers

The twins love to play imaginative games at the blocks table.

Gaia needed to give some advice

Baby 76 was soon born, Meet Ruth, Only 24 babies to go.

Aron and Abel had their birthday and moved out. Aron loves to dance and Abel wants a big family.

Jago having fun in the yard

With space in the house, it was time for some baby making, Meet Carter Hampton.

Soon it was birthday time again. Jago and Jabez are now teens, Jago loves new things and wants to become a vampire, Jabez is confident and wants to be a computer expert. Chanda and Colette are now children. Chanda loves mess and Colette loves computer and video games. Ruth is a toddler who loves to explore.

Chapter 91- Birthdays Galore

Gaia decided to become a freelance Artist

Jabez enjoys climbing through the tunnels

Gaia did some web surfing

having fun with dolls

Gaia did some art for a gig

She also had to repair the dolls house

Birthday time, Chad is now a teen who loves making and eating food, Jabez is now a child who gets sad easily and his twin Jago will literally eat anything.

Gaia still loves to play dolls with her children, a great bonding experience.

she also needed to give her children some advice

Birthday time again, Chad became evil and moved out, Abel and Aron are now teens. Aron is confident and Abel thinks everyone is against him.

Abel did some working out

his brother used the water slide.

Chapter 90- A house of Boys

Kane tried to cook and set himself on fire, luckily Kamala was around to put him out

He did some yoga to relax after his near death experience

Jabez and Jago were soon toddlers.  one loves attention and one is full of energy.

Thankfully Aron and Abel had skilled enough to become children. Abel loves music and Aron is good

Jabez played dolls

Jago hates clothes do I had Kamala distract him so I could get him dressed

Kane and Kamala reached Young Adulthood and moved out. Kane is now evil and Kamala is a goofball

I met up with my next Baby daddy Jayson Newman but had no teens so the boys had to come with me.

I started potty training Jabez

I also taught him some new words

I got promoted

Chapter 89- More Boys

Chad enjoys playing with the dragon toy

Kane enjoys pretending to fly his spaceship as Alien Ambassador Zong

Abel and Aron were soon toddlers. One is very curious and the other needs attention constantly.

Jamelia became childish as a young adult and moved out

Kamala and Kane became teens. Kamala is mean and Kane loves food

Chad Likes to clean

Aron loves pretending to drive

Abel bonds with the bear

Aron also likes to pretend he’s a dragon coming to eat everything

Aron and Abel love to hug

Kamala is a great big sister

I went into labour and had twin boys again, Meet Baby 72 Jabez and Baby 73 Jago.

The boys love to dance

Another toddler who loves to play in the toilet

Chapter 88- Water Fun

Kamala did the dishes

Laila played music

I danced with the twins and I think I taught them some new moves

The twins are close and love to hug

Jamelia becomes a teen who likes keeping in shape

Chad became a toddler who loves to hug

Jamelia had fun on the slip n slide

Kamala swam

I repaired

Chad boinded with the bear

Laila became a Young Adult and moved out, she wants to avoid commitment.

I went into labour and had twin boys, Meet Baby 70 Aron and 72 Abel, less then 30 babies to go now

I had room in the house so met up with my next baby daddy Jordon Burke.

Chapter 87- Cooking Fun

Laila decided to do some cooking

Jamelia played some music

Laila danced

she played video games

she also cleaned

The twins worked on their potty skill

Laila had fun on her phone

Baby 69 Chad was born

I met up with my next Baby Daddy Andrew

Kamala enjoyed playing with blocks

Kamala and Kane were soon children. Kamala will eat anything and Kane wants perfection.