Chapter 5- Repairs

Beatrice enjoys building structures at the new blocks table.

sometimes Jack comes to help

Alice works on her painting as this is where most of the family funds comes from

Bernard mastered the movement skill

Beatrice enjoys playing with and talking to her baby brother Benny

Alice did some cleaning

Alice was soon expecting her 4th Child.

Jack enjoys running on his new treadmill

Alice repairs the toilet

She paints

She repairs the sink

Benny becomes a toddler. He is inquisitive.

Chapter 1- The Start

Hello and Welcome, Yes I am starting a new challenge, seeing as I am stuck at home for who know how long. I decided to start a baby boom challenge. These are my Baby Boom Couple Alice and Jack. Alice is Family Oriented, Creative and a foodie. She wants to be an Painter extraordinaire. Jack is active, bro and loves outdoors. He wants to be a bodybuilder.

This is the home they will be starting out with

Alice enjoys doing some painting

She also starts cooking some breakfast

But with no cooking skill, that doesn’t end well. After the fire is out, she makes a salad instead.

Jack and Alice try for their first baby.

Jack does some exersize

Alice cleans the toilet

Jack works on his Charisma

Alice views some paintings