Chapter 6- More Boys

Benny played with the blocks

Jack did some exersize

Benny enjoys playing with toys around his older sisters creations

Bernard enjoys playing with toys too

He mastered the imagination skill

Beatrice helped with cleaning the dishes

The chemistry set got on fire so after it was put out, a new one was not bought.

Bernard mastered communcation

Bernard was soon a child. He is Squeamish.

Bernard made some art whilst Benny played with toys

Jack got promoted

he read Benny to sleep

Jack has achieved three stages of his aspiration.

Bernard plays with toys

Alice gives birth to her 4th child and 3rd son.

The children enjoy spending time together.

Chapter 3- A House

They finally had enough money to build a room around the kitchen appliances but not before the rain broke them so Alice repaired them so she could make food.

Beatrice is a good toddler who mostly uses the potty instead of her nappy

she does love bath time as she can get daddy wet too

Soon their 2nd child was born, Bernard.

Beatrice enjoys playing with blocks

she still loves the dolls house

Jack repaired the sink

Alice and Jack work on their skills

we finally have walls and a roof

Bernard is now a toddler, a charmer one

he enjoys playing with blocks too

Jack is a doting hands on dad

Bernard really loves the blocks

Jack did some working out

Chapter 2- Curiousty

Jack was soon promoted

Alice was soon pregnant

Jack got promoted

Beatrice was born.

Baby 2 was made

Alice and Jack celebrated love day with some romance

Alice repaired the toilet

Beatrice became an independent toddler.

she enjoys playing at the dolls house with her dad

she uses the potty

she enjoys making messes

she also loves to chatter away