Chapter 6- More Boys

Benny played with the blocks

Jack did some exersize

Benny enjoys playing with toys around his older sisters creations

Bernard enjoys playing with toys too

He mastered the imagination skill

Beatrice helped with cleaning the dishes

The chemistry set got on fire so after it was put out, a new one was not bought.

Bernard mastered communcation

Bernard was soon a child. He is Squeamish.

Bernard made some art whilst Benny played with toys

Jack got promoted

he read Benny to sleep

Jack has achieved three stages of his aspiration.

Bernard plays with toys

Alice gives birth to her 4th child and 3rd son.

The children enjoy spending time together.

Chapter 1- The Start

Hello and Welcome, Yes I am starting a new challenge, seeing as I am stuck at home for who know how long. I decided to start a baby boom challenge. These are my Baby Boom Couple Alice and Jack. Alice is Family Oriented, Creative and a foodie. She wants to be an Painter extraordinaire. Jack is active, bro and loves outdoors. He wants to be a bodybuilder.

This is the home they will be starting out with

Alice enjoys doing some painting

She also starts cooking some breakfast

But with no cooking skill, that doesn’t end well. After the fire is out, she makes a salad instead.

Jack and Alice try for their first baby.

Jack does some exersize

Alice cleans the toilet

Jack works on his Charisma

Alice views some paintings

Chapter 90- A house of Boys

Kane tried to cook and set himself on fire, luckily Kamala was around to put him out

He did some yoga to relax after his near death experience

Jabez and Jago were soon toddlers.  one loves attention and one is full of energy.

Thankfully Aron and Abel had skilled enough to become children. Abel loves music and Aron is good

Jabez played dolls

Jago hates clothes do I had Kamala distract him so I could get him dressed

Kane and Kamala reached Young Adulthood and moved out. Kane is now evil and Kamala is a goofball

I met up with my next Baby daddy Jayson Newman but had no teens so the boys had to come with me.

I started potty training Jabez

I also taught him some new words

I got promoted

Chapter 85- Fire

Bryant played Video games

Laila washed some dishes

Brant set himsef on fire doing laundry luckily his twin was on hand to put him out

He did some Yoga to relax

I started potty training Jamelia

Raheen ran on the treadmill

I did some repairs

Reece did some art

Jamelia made a mess

Jamelia likes to pretend she’s driving

She also likess to climb to the toip of the tunnels

Soon I went into labour and Babies 67 and 68 were born, Meet Kane and Kamala.