Chapter 101- Programmer

Felicia started working on having babies right away and Coral Winters was her first daddy.

Felicia decided to become a freelance programmer

she got a gig right away and started encrypting some documents

Talon set himself on fire doing laundry, luckily Gaia was around to put her youngest out.

Felicia forgot to take pics of her newest arrivals but here is Baby daddy number 2 Indigo

Gaia died of old age

Meet Babies 93 and 94 Skye and Moon, only 6 babies to go

Moon loves to play in the ball pit

Skye likes to cause mischief

repairs were needed

Talon enjoys chatting to the unicorn

Talon became a teenager.

Chapter 91- Birthdays Galore

Gaia decided to become a freelance Artist

Jabez enjoys climbing through the tunnels

Gaia did some web surfing

having fun with dolls

Gaia did some art for a gig

She also had to repair the dolls house

Birthday time, Chad is now a teen who loves making and eating food, Jabez is now a child who gets sad easily and his twin Jago will literally eat anything.

Gaia still loves to play dolls with her children, a great bonding experience.

she also needed to give her children some advice

Birthday time again, Chad became evil and moved out, Abel and Aron are now teens. Aron is confident and Abel thinks everyone is against him.

Abel did some working out

his brother used the water slide.