Chapter 10-Messes Galore

Bianca was soon a toddler, She is independant

she enjoys making messes

Alice repaired the computer

Bianca did some dancing

another child who likes making messes

Alice started potty training Brandon

Bernard becomes a teen who loves music

Alice achieved the first stage of her aspiration

Bernard got a job in fast food

Alice did some cleaning

Chapter 9- Finally another Girl

Alice started writing her 1st book

Beatrice became a teenager, She is a Slob and wants to be an Angling Ace

She got a job in retail

Brandon enjoys making messes

Barnabas enjoys dancing

Benny uses the blocks table

Alice went into labour and had her 6th child, a girl called Bianca.

Barnabas and Brandon enjoy eating their meals on the sofa.

Barnabas was soon a child. He is neat.

Brandon plays with blocks

Alice writes another book

Jack gets promoted

Chapter 8- Fun in the snow

Benny masted the communcation skill

Alice went in labour and her 5th child and 4th son Brandon was born.

Jack works on keeping his many toddlers clean.

Alice had fun making a snow pal

Beatrice also enjoyed making a snow pal

Bernard enjoyed making a snow angel

as did Jack

Brandon was soon a toddler. An Angelic one

Jack repaired the toilet

Brandon used the stacking blocks

Barnabas mastered movement

Alice chose a new aspiration

Chapter 7- Achievements

Barnabas was soon a toddler. He is Inquisitive.

Alice was soon pregnant with her 5th child.

He enjoys stacking up the blocks

Alice mastered the painting skill

she also completed her aspiration

Bernard loves the blocks table

Jack was getting close to his birthday so drunk a potion

Benny and Barnabus love to chatter away

Jack bathed his sons

He repaired the sink

Alice mastered cooking

The old home was bulldozed and a new one was made.

Chapter 6- More Boys

Benny played with the blocks

Jack did some exersize

Benny enjoys playing with toys around his older sisters creations

Bernard enjoys playing with toys too

He mastered the imagination skill

Beatrice helped with cleaning the dishes

The chemistry set got on fire so after it was put out, a new one was not bought.

Bernard mastered communcation

Bernard was soon a child. He is Squeamish.

Bernard made some art whilst Benny played with toys

Jack got promoted

he read Benny to sleep

Jack has achieved three stages of his aspiration.

Bernard plays with toys

Alice gives birth to her 4th child and 3rd son.

The children enjoy spending time together.

Chapter 5- Repairs

Beatrice enjoys building structures at the new blocks table.

sometimes Jack comes to help

Alice works on her painting as this is where most of the family funds comes from

Bernard mastered the movement skill

Beatrice enjoys playing with and talking to her baby brother Benny

Alice did some cleaning

Alice was soon expecting her 4th Child.

Jack enjoys running on his new treadmill

Alice repairs the toilet

She paints

She repairs the sink

Benny becomes a toddler. He is inquisitive.

Chapter 4- Birthdays

Alice was soon pregnant with her 3rd child.

Beatrice and Bernard are very close always babbling away

Jack and Alice finally had enough money to paint the walls and place some flooring.

Alice made some dinner

Jack went jogging

He spent time with his daughter

Alice made some lunch

Jack bathed his son

He repaired the sink

Alice has achieved three stages of her aspiration

Jack got promoted

Beatrice hugged the bear

she mastered the communication skill

Alice did some painting

Beatrice is now a child. She gained the happy toddler trait. She is also a glutton.

Alice gives birth to her 2nd son Benny.

Beatrice does some cleaning.