Chapter 103- Completed

Finally Only 2 toddlers in the house

Talon did some cooking

Skye used the monkey bars

Talon become a Young Adult and moved out. Luckily the oldest twins are now teens so can help out

Clarissa loves the swing

Mercedes and Martha are now children

Moon decided to pass out right near her bed

Mercedes and Martha enjoy swimming

Soon Skye and Moon were young adults, they moved out.

Meet Forest, Felicia’s next baby daddy

The girls needed advice

Mercedes and Clarissa play chess whilst Candice dances

Clarissa also enjoys playing the Violin

Soon the final children of the challenge was born. Meet Babies 99 and 100 Odin and Heidi. All children are on the gallery as Young Adults under my profile stargirl18.

Chapter 102- Outnumbered by girls

Soon Felicia had her 2nd set of twins and they both got their daddies skin, Meet Babies 95 and 96 Candice and Clarissa were born.

Felicia invited her next baby daddy over whilst the four girls were sleeping and Talon was at school. Meet Ionathe.

Felicia spends a lot of time doing repairs

The girls had their birthdays. Clarissa and Candice are identical so got different hairstyles and clothes

More repairs

Skye did some science

Moon pretended to be a nurse

Soon Felicia went into labour and had more girls, Meet Babies 97 and 98 Mercedes and Martha, only 2 to go.

Clarissa played at the blocks table

Martha decided to make a mess, 4 toddlers are lots of fun

Mercedes and Marta prefer to nap on cushions.