Chapter 1- The Start

Hello and Welcome, Yes I am starting a new challenge, seeing as I am stuck at home for who know how long. I decided to start a baby boom challenge. These are my Baby Boom Couple Alice and Jack. Alice is Family Oriented, Creative and a foodie. She wants to be an Painter extraordinaire. Jack is active, bro and loves outdoors. He wants to be a bodybuilder.

This is the home they will be starting out with

Alice enjoys doing some painting

She also starts cooking some breakfast

But with no cooking skill, that doesn’t end well. After the fire is out, she makes a salad instead.

Jack and Alice try for their first baby.

Jack does some exersize

Alice cleans the toilet

Jack works on his Charisma

Alice views some paintings

Chapter 63- Celebrations

Calista is such a chatterbox and loves to chatter away about everything.
Caesar loves to play dolls
I did some painting
Caesar and the twins worked on their school projects together.
I did some repairs
Jayde became a child who wants to make lots of friends despite the fact she likes to be alone.
Gaia became a toddler who likes to learn.
She loves to rope her older siblings into playing dolls with her.

Soon Winterfest had arrived, the children loved helping me to decorate the tree, we also opened some presents and I cooked a lovely ham dinner which we all enjoyed even the toddlers. Later that night Father winter came to visit and more presents were enjoyed.
The twins played dolls together
Soon they were teenagers.
I enjoyed making a snow pal with Gaia
Calista became a child

Chapter 54- Births and Birthdays

I did some dancing and Ericka came to join in.
I also did some painting
And it paid off, I was able to build this enclosed play area for my toddlers to play and explore in.
Ericka loves to babble away to this giant bear.
Tanner and Corey love to play video games.
Rico is a great help around the house and sometimes will pick up all the dirty laundry and place it inside the washer.
Soon I went into labour and had twins. Baby 40 was a boy and Baby 41 a girl.
Corey still loves to play with dolls

Soon the twins were toddlers and yes one of them got some of daddies looks but both got my hair and eyes.
Ericka became a child.
I love learning new recipes and I am improving my skill in cooking high end meals
I had to repair the dishwasher

The school reports are in and all my boys are doing well

Chapter 22- Lots of Teens

Jessica got a grade report card
She then became a Young Adult and moved out
I used the waterslide
I am now an elder
I retired
I bathed Lewis
I painted

Oliva and the twins are doing great at school
They had their birthdays. Oliva became a Young Adult and moved out. The twins became teenagers
Donald played the piano.

Chapter 14- Sociable kids

09-09-17_5-11-34 PM
Bernard is now a child
09-09-17_5-17-18 PM
Alice loves babbling away
09-09-17_5-17-30 PM
She also loves physical games
09-09-17_5-20-14 PM
I started writing a new book
09-09-17_5-22-43 PM
Meet my 13th Baby Daddy Omar
09-09-17_5-28-43 PM
I need to catch Alice so I can give her a bath, she does seem to get herself quite dirty.
09-09-17_5-40-43 PM09-09-17_5-41-39 PM-2
Jessica was soon a toddler and she inherited my hair. Annabel had her young adult birthday and moved out.
09-09-17_6-26-30 PM
I wonder which of the three made this mess.
09-09-17_6-26-54 PM
I think it was Jessie because she needed a bath unless the other two threw the materials over her, she can’t talk yet after all.
09-09-17_6-33-31 PM
Bernard is a space pirate today.
09-09-17_6-38-24 PM
Jessica can now climb the stairs how fun.
09-09-17_6-40-23 PM
She uses the potty by herself
09-09-17_7-23-50 PM
I played dolls with Bernard
09-09-17_7-24-17 PM
I painted
09-09-17_7-31-41 PM
Alice became a child
TS4_x64 2017-09-09 19-39-51-52
My Fifthteen child was born, another little girl that I called Oliva

Chapter 13- Girls, Girls , Girls

09-09-17_3-41-41 PM
Matthew and Anabel relaxed in the hot-tub after a hard day at school.
09-09-17_3-41-53 PM.png
Annabel played dolls
09-09-17_3-42-11 PM
She also did her homework in the toddlers room so she could do it in peace.
09-09-17_3-44-38 PM
I went out to socialise leaving Matthew in charge.
09-09-17_3-50-06 PM
I met up with my 12th Baby Daddy Jacoby Legung.
09-09-17_3-53-07 PM
Whilst the children were at school, I tried for my next baby with him.
09-09-17_3-54-29 PM
I spoke to Annabel.
09-09-17_4-50-39 PM
I painted
09-09-17_3-55-07 PM
I repaired the toilet
09-09-17_4-00-27 PM
Little Alice became a toddler and is going to be a fun one
09-09-17_4-05-48 PM09-09-17_4-05-58 PM
She loves the tunnels and running around with no clothes on
09-09-17_4-14-55 PM09-09-17_4-17-02 PM
More Birthdays, Matthew became a Young Adult and Moved out. Annabel is now a Teenager.
09-09-17_4-53-11 PM
I was potty training Alice when the baby decided to kick.
09-09-17_4-53-33 PM
I read Alice a bedtime story.
09-09-17_4-53-59 PM
Annabel cleaned.
09-09-17_4-54-50 PM
Bernard played blocks.
09-09-17_4-57-48 PM
Annabel shows off
09-09-17_5-00-01 PM
I had to repair the stove.
09-09-17_5-08-57 PMTS4_x64 2017-09-09 17-09-19-73
I went into labour and my 14th Child was born, Meet Jessica

Chapter 12- A Promotion and a Girl.

Annabel likes to build towers with the blocks
Birthday time. Annabel becomes an outgoing child who wants to be a social butterfly, Josie is a childish teen who wants to be a bodybluilder and Matthew is a Glutton teen who wants to become a Musical Genius.
I watched a new comedy show
Annabel had fun pretending to shoot in outer space
Josie enjoyed showing off on the new water slide
Meet Baby daddy 11, Ali Jaquad.
Ethan became a Young Adult and moved out. He is a foodie.
Annabel played dolls
Bernard became an Angelic toddler.
He loves the tunnels and He uses the potty without a fuss and mostly asks too.
The girls did their homework together
Annabel went swimming in our new pool
Matthew repaired the toilet and the bath.
I read a book with Bernard
Josie became an Young Adult and moved out. She loves the outdoors.
Annabel worked on her homework
Me and Bernard ate some cake whilst he babbled away.
I got promoted.
My 13th Child Alice was born.