Chapter 95- More Birthdays

Chana and Colette become young adults and moved out.

Advice was needed

Leo Nixon was the next lucky man to participate in baby making

A mums job is never finished

Trying to crash an aeroplane into the dolls house, that’s boys for you

The toddlers love playing on the tablets

They were soon children.

Imani had fun on the monkey bars

Another set of twins were born, Meet Babies 81 and 82 Jayceon and Katelin, only 18 to go

Lakeisha made some music

Ruth took her anger out on the poor unicorn

She became a Young Adult and moved out

Chapter 94- Full House

Gaia did school projects with the girls

Advice was needed

Imani and Vaughn are quite close and love to play together

Soon more twins were born, Meet Babies 79 and 80 Lakeisha and Princeton, only 20 babies to go

Gaia was now an adult

Chanda and Colette were now teens so at least she would have some help with the younger children.

Aeroplane time

Doting sister

Ruth has fun on the spaceship

Birthday time again

Spinning around is lots of fun and great exercise for mummy too

Chanda did some Yoga.

Chapter 78- Finally a Boy

Esme and Kaylie are quite close and love to play together despite the fact they are totally diffrent both in personality and appearence.

I got promoted. This job is much easier then being a florist

Just in time too as soon, I went into labour and gave birth to twins,  Meet Baby 60 Argus and 61 Elissa.

I gave the school some advice on dealing with my Elaina

Soon it was birthday time and my twins were children, Kaylie had totally changed and now loved to be happy, Esme loved to eat and would literally eat anything.

I made my next baby at the nighclub with Jaylen Worley but he’s quite camera shy.

Mariam soon had her birthday and moved out. She wants to have no ties.

Eliana became a Teenager who loves exersize

Elaina did some working out

I had to repair the bath

Kaylie pretended to go on a Submarine adventure.

My children needed some advice.

Chapter 55- Winter Fun

Tanner and Corey have their birthday and are now children. Tanner wants to be a Vampire for some reason and Corey wants to catch lots of fish.
I had my birthday too and I am finally an Adult.
Corey loves to work-out
He also loves to mix drinks
Terry loves to dance
He and Tara are very close and are always having secret little meetings and babbling away to each other.
Rico is very active and if he isn’t swinging across the monkey bars
He is dancing
Oliver soon had his birthday and became a child.
There was soon Snow on the ground and the local park had a free rink so I decided to go ice-skating.
The children love the snow and are always throwing snowballs or playing in it or making snowmen together.
Terry loves to help me make snowmen patting on the snow and bringing me snow to add.

Chapter 54- Births and Birthdays

I did some dancing and Ericka came to join in.
I also did some painting
And it paid off, I was able to build this enclosed play area for my toddlers to play and explore in.
Ericka loves to babble away to this giant bear.
Tanner and Corey love to play video games.
Rico is a great help around the house and sometimes will pick up all the dirty laundry and place it inside the washer.
Soon I went into labour and had twins. Baby 40 was a boy and Baby 41 a girl.
Corey still loves to play with dolls

Soon the twins were toddlers and yes one of them got some of daddies looks but both got my hair and eyes.
Ericka became a child.
I love learning new recipes and I am improving my skill in cooking high end meals
I had to repair the dishwasher

The school reports are in and all my boys are doing well

Chapter 27- The Twins

I had to repair the virtual gaming mat
Lewis report card came in.
He is now a teenager who still wants to be a child
I went into labour and had twin boys, I named them Zach and Declan.
I left Lewis in charge of Phoenix and the twins and went daddy hunting, Meet Naoki.
I also chatted with some other men for future daddies
Lewis got a chance card
More repairing
Lewis shoots some hoops
The twins become toddlers.
Zach likes making messes

Chapter Two- Making Money

The babies need a lot of attention and I seem to spend a lot of time changing and feeding them but I love them and can’t wait for more.
I got on that task right away, meet my 2nd baby daddy Gunther Munch. We spent some time talking and he agreed to father my next child.

So I got straight down to business with him whilst the twins finally both napped at the same time.
I soon got confirmation that I was pregnant and sent Gunther on his way.
I am getting better at parenting too.
I decided to make myself some breakfast getting some practice in for when I have to cook for a house of fussy picky eating kids.
I also went fishing, I needed to make money after all to be able to supply all the stuff that growing children need to develop well.
Whilst I was out, I also went looking for more daddies for when my current child was born.
I played music for tips too at the local bars and clubs.
Soon my Twins were adorable little toddlers. Dinah is independent and Daniel is a little charmer, his hair would soon darken into the same colour as his sisters.
Dinah caught onto the potty right away and was always asking to go
She also loved to babble away about everything
Daniel would only sleep if I read him a story
Sometimes I even managed to get them asleep at the same time.
Daniel loved doing flashcards shouting out the names of the animals and objects he knew.
He also loved to stack blocks into towers and then knock them down
I took the children to the park where they enjoyed exploring the tunnels, slide and ball pit.
Soon I went into labour and Babies 3 and 4 were born. I named them George and Grace.