Chapter 69- Goodbye

Alma was soon a toddler

She loves to babble away to the bear

I started potty training her right away

She also loves to climb up the slide

My first baby is already a teenager, at least I will get more help around here

Blaze loves to play computer games

Mum died in the middle of my flowers and my little Alma found her.

Soon I went into labor and Baby 52 was born. I named her Tabitha, only 48 more to go.

Davis did some cooking and thankfully didn’t set fire to the kitchen.

I made some more flowers, we don’t have mums retirement check any more but we did have her nightly visits breaking everything

I also did some gardening

I then left Davis in charge of Blaze, Alma and Tabitha and went on a daddy search. I met Brenden and invited him over to create my next baby..

Author: samanthaohalloran

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog, My names Samantha but everybody calls me sam and I work with kids and in my spare time I enjoy playing Sims and reading. I love playing with sims and doing challenges, I have quite a lot.

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