Chapter 10-Messes Galore

Bianca was soon a toddler, She is independant

she enjoys making messes

Alice repaired the computer

Bianca did some dancing

another child who likes making messes

Alice started potty training Brandon

Bernard becomes a teen who loves music

Alice achieved the first stage of her aspiration

Bernard got a job in fast food

Alice did some cleaning

Chapter 9- Finally another Girl

Alice started writing her 1st book

Beatrice became a teenager, She is a Slob and wants to be an Angling Ace

She got a job in retail

Brandon enjoys making messes

Barnabas enjoys dancing

Benny uses the blocks table

Alice went into labour and had her 6th child, a girl called Bianca.

Barnabas and Brandon enjoy eating their meals on the sofa.

Barnabas was soon a child. He is neat.

Brandon plays with blocks

Alice writes another book

Jack gets promoted

Chapter 6- More Boys

Benny played with the blocks

Jack did some exersize

Benny enjoys playing with toys around his older sisters creations

Bernard enjoys playing with toys too

He mastered the imagination skill

Beatrice helped with cleaning the dishes

The chemistry set got on fire so after it was put out, a new one was not bought.

Bernard mastered communcation

Bernard was soon a child. He is Squeamish.

Bernard made some art whilst Benny played with toys

Jack got promoted

he read Benny to sleep

Jack has achieved three stages of his aspiration.

Bernard plays with toys

Alice gives birth to her 4th child and 3rd son.

The children enjoy spending time together.

Chapter 4- Birthdays

Alice was soon pregnant with her 3rd child.

Beatrice and Bernard are very close always babbling away

Jack and Alice finally had enough money to paint the walls and place some flooring.

Alice made some dinner

Jack went jogging

He spent time with his daughter

Alice made some lunch

Jack bathed his son

He repaired the sink

Alice has achieved three stages of her aspiration

Jack got promoted

Beatrice hugged the bear

she mastered the communication skill

Alice did some painting

Beatrice is now a child. She gained the happy toddler trait. She is also a glutton.

Alice gives birth to her 2nd son Benny.

Beatrice does some cleaning.

Chapter 103- Completed

Finally Only 2 toddlers in the house

Talon did some cooking

Skye used the monkey bars

Talon become a Young Adult and moved out. Luckily the oldest twins are now teens so can help out

Clarissa loves the swing

Mercedes and Martha are now children

Moon decided to pass out right near her bed

Mercedes and Martha enjoy swimming

Soon Skye and Moon were young adults, they moved out.

Meet Forest, Felicia’s next baby daddy

The girls needed advice

Mercedes and Clarissa play chess whilst Candice dances

Clarissa also enjoys playing the Violin

Soon the final children of the challenge was born. Meet Babies 99 and 100 Odin and Heidi. All children are on the gallery as Young Adults under my profile stargirl18.

Chapter 100- Growing up

Birthday time


Gaia became an elder

Talon is now a child

Gaia reviewed a musical performance

Gaia went to geek con

Birthday time

Gaia enjoys playing in the rain

Promotion time

Felicia repaired the stereo

Felicia and Gaia spoke about the future

Cannon and Felicia became Young Adults, Cannon moved out and Felicia will be staying to finish the challenge.

Chapter 99- In Single Digits

Irving started playing the violin

Some pictures were lost but Gaia had twins Babies 90 and 91 Felicia and Cannon so she went to make her final baby of this generation, she only has five days until she is an elder.

Here are the twins as toddlers.

The twins love playing in the tunnels

Paisley and Irving became teens

Gaia did a gig

Gaia went in labour with her final child, Meet Baby 92 Talon so Felicia is the heir and will be having the final 8 children.

Princess and Devon were soon children

Gaia chose a new career

She also went swimming

Birthday time, Irving and Paisley became Young Adults and moved out.