Chapter Two- Making Money

The babies need a lot of attention and I seem to spend a lot of time changing and feeding them but I love them and can’t wait for more.
I got on that task right away, meet my 2nd baby daddy Gunther Munch. We spent some time talking and he agreed to father my next child.

So I got straight down to business with him whilst the twins finally both napped at the same time.
I soon got confirmation that I was pregnant and sent Gunther on his way.
I am getting better at parenting too.
I decided to make myself some breakfast getting some practice in for when I have to cook for a house of fussy picky eating kids.
I also went fishing, I needed to make money after all to be able to supply all the stuff that growing children need to develop well.
Whilst I was out, I also went looking for more daddies for when my current child was born.
I played music for tips too at the local bars and clubs.
Soon my Twins were adorable little toddlers. Dinah is independent and Daniel is a little charmer, his hair would soon darken into the same colour as his sisters.
Dinah caught onto the potty right away and was always asking to go
She also loved to babble away about everything
Daniel would only sleep if I read him a story
Sometimes I even managed to get them asleep at the same time.
Daniel loved doing flashcards shouting out the names of the animals and objects he knew.
He also loved to stack blocks into towers and then knock them down
I took the children to the park where they enjoyed exploring the tunnels, slide and ball pit.
Soon I went into labour and Babies 3 and 4 were born. I named them George and Grace.

Author: samanthaohalloran

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog, My names Samantha but everybody calls me sam and I work with kids and in my spare time I enjoy playing Sims and reading. I love playing with sims and doing challenges, I have quite a lot.

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